BMT Pre-Graduation Checklist

Base Access

In response to some easing of COVID-19 restrictions, starting July 22, 2021, families providing vaccination documentation will have limited access to graduation events. There will be a limit of two visitors per Airman.

For security purposes, any visitor over the age of 18 will undergo a criminal history check prior to base access authorization.

The Trainee must fill out the VARL form and background checks must be cleared in order to allow two visitors base access priveleges. It is the Trainee's responsibility to complete the the form. Once completed, families should expect base passes to arrive by mail around the 5th week of training. Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 will also be required.

If passes are not received by the 6th week of training, families should contact their trainee by mail.

Make Hotel Reservations

Lackland offers 3 lodging facilities; however, active duty Airmen have priority over these rooms. You may rent these rooms if space is available. Also, BMT graduates must have command authorization to enter these rooms.

There are many other hotel accommodations around Lackland. See the map below.

We recommend that you set up lodging at least 5 weeks prior to your arrival to San Antonio.

Order Banners, T-Shirts & Photo Buttons

Families often use customized banners and T-shirts in order to show their support for their graduating Airman. Banners usually have the Airman's name, flight number, squadron number/logo and graduation date. Squadron T-Shirts are also often worn by family members for any of the graduation events

Basic Training Store offers a variety of Air Force graduation merchandise including squaron t-shirts, buttons and keychains with your airmans photo, parent coins, hand held replica of the guidon that the Airman carry and more. Also, a percentage of every sale will help fund the Airman Heritage Museum at JBSA-Lackland. To avoid expedited shipping costs, Basic Training Store recommends ordering Air Force merchandise by the beginning of the 5th week of training.

An alternative to purchasing banners or t-shirts is to make your own shirts or posters. Follow us on Pinterest for ideas.

Weather at Lackland AFB

Air Force BMT graduation ceremonies are typically held outdoors. In some instances, ceremonies have been held at the Squadron quarters during extreme weather conditions. Either way we recommend that families keep track of weather in San Antonio so that they may pack accordingly.

Miss out on Grad Events or need Airman's portraits? You can purchase the Grad events DVD and portraits by calling 210.695.4979

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